Lynne Speaks from the heart

Meet Lynne Smith, Owner of It’s Like Home

The whole reason I started this referral business, was due to my own personal story. I live in San Diego, California and my parents lived two thousand miles away. About twenty years ago, I began to see signs of my mom struggling with her memory. Until I educated myself I really didn’t realize how serious her physical years ahead would truly be. Sadly though, she was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease.

Knowing her needs were beyond what my Dad or I could fulfill, I had the struggle of finding a community that both understood how to deal with Alzheimer’s Disease, along with a staff of heartfelt and compassionate caregivers. That combination was key. After days and weeks of major stress, I alone, found a care community for mom, where she remained for ten long years. Sadly, five years later, my dad fell victim to Alzheimer’s as well. However, with the knowledge and tools I now had, I knew exactly what to do.

So yes, I have lived your struggle, your heartbreak, and share in your tears. Living that same struggle made me realize THIS was the path I needed to take, to help others with their precious search for for senior care. To do this alone, is so terribly difficult.

Lynne Smith Owner of It's Like Home Senior Care Placement, San Diego, California

Lynne Smith
Owner of It’s Like Home

“In dealing with family placement, emotions are undoubtedly one of the biggest struggles. You want the very best for those you care about, and yet the emotional connection clouds your every thought.”