Memory Care

What is Memory Care?

Memory care communities are tailored to care for those who have Alzheimers or other forms of dementia. Residents live in either private or semi-private (shared) rooms.

Residents living in a memory care private home, or a community, benefit from living in a structured environment that provides daily care routines to help them feel safe and comfortable. The residence maintains a “secured” environment, meaning areas are locked to prevent residents from wandering away and getting lost.

Memory care residents’ needs differ from other care communities, due to their un-predicted behaviors and physical challenges. Staff members must be flexible in order to provide the utmost attention to residents’ struggles, due to their memory loss issues. As a result the cost of memory care is more than independent or assisted living communities.

Costs will range between $ 3,000-10,000 monthly.
Most average $ 4500 – 8,000.

Senior Placement in Memory Care

Memory Care is very specialized care, in that staff must manage the roller coaster of memory challenges, on a daily basis. Staff must be educated about memory loss, and provide a great deal of patience to those residents struggling. A routine is key, a familiar face or touch is of great comfort to dementia residents.

When searching for that special memory home, we at It’s Like Home, consider many factors. At the TOP of the list is compassion. Dementia creates a world of it’s own, and the caregivers involved must not only care for your loved one but have the utmost understanding and respect for your emotional struggles as well.

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